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My Approach

I don’t just take pretty pictures. I specialize in creating custom pieces of art, and that means giving you printed photographs. Photography is more than just snapping an image. It’s the tangible evidence of that image; a brief moment of time captured and brought to life just for you.

That’s why at Jack Narayanan Photography, I stress the importance of printed photography. I offer something to hold on to, something to pass around, frame, and hang on a wall. I make albums that will be treasured for generations to come.

Photographs weren’t meant to live on your phone or your social media profile. They were meant to be printed – professionally – and hang on your walls. They belong on the mantle, in the foyer, and lining your hallway. That’s why I assist all clients in choosing the right portrait for the right area of their home with my new innovative projection system. I come to your home and project the portrait directly onto the wall so you can see exactly what it will look like, and can make the perfect customization choice for you.

Of course, I understand that we live in a digital world and you’ll want to share the amazing images with others. That’s why I do offer web-friendly and device-optimized images. The images are not formatted for printing and contain a signature watermark, but are perfect for sharing on Facebook.

Want to know more? Find out detailed information on Senior Sessions, Family Portrait Sessions, or Fashion/Model Sessions.

Narayanan Photography | Lawrenceville, NJ